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Our Expertise

Blue Sky Media produces creative content delivery solutions that grow business. We work in three main areas: 

- Content Production and Publishing

- Multi-screen Technology Development

- Digital Integration and Distribution

Our Belief

BlueSky Media specializes on taking content to the next level of accessibility and usability by leveraging on the latest adopted multiscreen technologies. We believe that true interactivity is on the go and adaptable to as many different screens as the viewer uses in his or her day to day. We are convinced that content must be not only interactive with the platform itself but interoperable across multiple devices. 


​Blue Sky works to make content accessible across multi-platform screens with the use of innovative technologies and solutions than incorporate, adapt and serve content to the user’s needs, making it available anywhere and at anytime.

Content Production

At Blue Sky Media we produce content that can be seen, heard and touched digitally. Our content is meticulously conceptualized and carefully designed to reach from the biggest TV screen to any connected device such as a smart phone, tablets, smart TV or game console.

​We are also determined to make the most of the media convergence (including HbbTV) in order to bring the best of breed in interactive content, which we make available through managed or unmanaged or networks.

All content services provided by Blue Sky Media are securely distributed using the most robust and safest CMSs (content management systems) and CDNs (content delivery networks).  

For Blue Sky Media, quality, in its wide meaning, matters. We do strongly believe that bringing the best content is no longer enough, we extend that quality and adapted to the different uses on different platforms bridging across, what today is a fragmented - yet interconnected - ecosystem of devices.

At BlueSky Media we believe technology can serve a social purpose, helping to make more available and efficient the enriching and necessary act of learning. At Blue Sky we are perpetually optimistic and believe a sensible development of widely spread technology can foster knowledge and make things better, and that is inevitably making better things.

Building Quality solutions



We work with clients who have content and need to get it out into the digital/online space to expand their businesses, as well as organizations that need plug and play content for their channels.

We manage content.

We transform content.

We analyze and integrate the right mix of multi-screen technologies.

And we build business models to monetize content.

We have worked across the globe with clients of all sizes from a variety of industry sectors and cultures, namely:

Advertising, Arts & Media

Consulting & Strategy

Editorial & Publishing

Education & Training

Film and TV Production

Healthcare & Medical

Information & Communication Technology

Marketing & Communications



TV Networks

Not sure where you fit in? Get in touch and see how you can monetize your business with engaging content and the latest, hippest technological devices.

Our team


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flagship products: Inglés Total.
a self-study English course with over 1 million units distributed worldwide

We can help you transform papel material into dynamic multi-screen content so you can expand your reach and boost revenue in the world of connected, multi screen devices.


Grow your business by getting users to pay for engaging content. We build plug and play content modules and build freemium revenue streams around your media channels. We co-finance, reducing your risk.

Your small or medium business needs a new revenue stream but can't finance it. We bring in engaging content you can sell to existing customers. We create a biz model and provide end-to-end service all the way to customer support. All in exchange for a piece of your business.

Need to expand your reach outside of the classroom? Grow your student numbers by offering distance learning through a variety of multi screen devices. 

Areas of practice

Content management

Content digitalization


Trans-media delivery​

Cross-platform delivery

End-to-end solutions

​eLearning platforms

Multi-screen integration



S/M Business


How we can help

Blue Sky Media was founded by a group of media and tech gurus who had a vision to leverage technology and the latest research to create leading-edge content integration solutions that meet the needs of all types of users through multi-screen platforms.

Blue Sky has assembled a team of highly qualified and creative platforms designers and content integrations authors/developers. We have carefully selected specialists across a range of industries and content delivery systems — from multimedia production and content consultants to large-scale content management systems and delivery networks. This approach ensures every project can be developed and managed by experts in that field.

We have developed a solid reputation with our clients and peers as end-to-end solutions providers that bring content to the next level through cross-platform expertise and a vision for a business model that works in today's world of excess information.

Our dynamic and cross-cultural team brings in different skills, perspectives and enough high energy creative steam to fuel a rocket ship. Each team member is involved in every project and uses their extensive expertise to ensure only the highest quality solutions are delivered.